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Welcome to Edvin's Piano Studio

Wonderful pianist and the most caring teacher you can find


About Me

Edvin is a professional pianist who completed his studies in Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance) at the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music, under the tutelage of Stephanie McCallum. He is a regular performer and accompanist and has performed in masterclasses with performers like Roy Howat, and public recitals at the Verbrugghen Hall. He is the recipient of The David and Nhilla Dumbrell and the Clarence Addison Turrill Scholarship.

As a Piano Teacher, excellency in sound production, technique and artistry are taught in lessons. The inspiration for these principles come from the greatest minds in Europe such as Frederic Chopin and Heinrich Neuhaus. Whether the piece is classical, jazz or contemporary, similar concepts are used to describe the meaning behind the music and its purpose. Having experience with young kids and high school students, the approach always puts enjoyment as the primary focus. What the students have learned is to listen to all types of music and create their own sounds and give back to the community with their gift of music. This makes them more than just musicians.

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In-depth Piano Lessons

Whether it's a 30, 45 or 60 minute lesson, every lesson is truly unique depending on the student's ability, dedication and their musical intuition. No matter the skill, anyone is able to learn to play the piano whether casually or at a high level. The lessons are paced appropriately for each person and they are always enjoyable no matter the repertoire. A lot of work is done ahead of time to prepare the students for any future performances or exams (AMEB, Trinity College).

The lessons are priced appropriately and affordably. The lessons are held at the studio in Meadowbank or your home* if you own a piano.


2023 Meadowbank Prices:

30 mins - $40

45 mins - $60

60 mins - $75

* $5 travel fee regardless of location distance.

If you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Theory and Ear Training

Included also are theory and ear training sections of the lesson where the framework of music is being built and knowledge is increased. Ear training is most important as it develops the aural perception and musical side of the musician so they can hear what they want to play. It is an invaluable skill that every great musician learns. Not to mention that composing is also used as an approach towards a better understanding of the structure of the music and why something sounds good. This ranges from simple chords to songs to proper pieces.

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Piano Lesson
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Contact Me

To get started you can reach me via email, phone number or send the contact form on the right hand side, or below if on mobile. I look forward to hearing from you!

Location: Lessons offered on Bowden Street in Meadowbank or at your home. Contact me for more details to receive the optimal solution for your traveling needs.


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